How make the ahalogy MS-Access->CobmoBox in Delhi ?


How make the analogy MS-Access->ComboBox in Delphi?

It is necessary CobmoBox with DataSourse Query(field1,field2...) with
fast search (when a key press, the focus is moved on coincidence
record in the fieldInput).

The analogy is: MS-Access->ComboBox (Column Count, ColumnWidths
BonusCollumn). After selection in list CobmoBox may use the meaning
of the field2 in the further.

Next variant is not suitable for me:
  ListKod := TStringList.Create;
  while NOT Table.EOF do
Query1.Params[0].AsInteger:= StrToInt( ListKod.Strings[DBComboBox.ItemIndex]);

Display field Table.NAME
I want use field (Table.Kod)

Thanks in advance.

Butov Konstantin