TListBox, automatic scroll bars, vertical OK but horizontal???

Can anybody tell me what I have overlooked with TListbox please?

When I add too many lines to fit in the box then a vertical scroll bar
is automatically inserted and I can scroll up and down as I want.

But if any of the inserted text strings are too wide to fit within the
box then no horizontal scroll bar is inserted, and I have found no
way of shifting the now invisible part of the string into the visible
area of the listbox.

Do I have to manually insert a horizontal scroll bar (at design time)
and manage this myself at runtime? (I am not particularly happy
about having an unneccessary scroll bar there all the time).

I had expected this to be a simple matter, but so far I haven't
found any solution in the online help system, and I begin to wonder
if this just isn't possible? (By the way, my platform is Delphi 5 pro).

thanks in advance for any help

regards Sven