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We offer 44 classes covering a variety of
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Current Java Titles
Advanced PL/SQL Programming
Advanced SQL Programming
Basic PL/SQL Programming
Database Design
Database Management with Microsoft Access
Implementing an Oracle8 Data Warehouse
Implementing an SQL 7.0 Data Warehouse
Implementing SQL Server 7.0
Integrating Databases with ASP 3.0
Managing Oracle8 Networks
Managing Oracle8 Objects
Managing SQL Server 7.0
Managing SQL Server Security
Optimizing an SQL 7.0 Data Warehouse
Optimizing and Securing an Oracle8 Data Warehouse
Optimizing and Troubleshooting SQL Server  7.0
Optimizing Oracle8 Performance
Oracle 8: Introduction
Oracle Performance Tuning
Oracle PL/SQL Programming Bundle
Oracle SQL and PL/SQL: Basic Concepts
Oracle8 Admin Bundle
Oracle8 Backup & Recovery - I
Oracle8 Backup and Recovery - II
Oracle8 Backup and Recovery Bundle
Oracle8 Data Warehousing Bundle
Oracle8 Database Architecture
Planning an Oracle8 Data Warehouse
Planning an SQL 7.0 Data Warehouse
SQL Advanced Skills
SQL Basic Skills
SQL Programming Bundle
SQL Server 7.0 - Basic Programming
SQL Server 7.0 - Basics
SQL Server 7.0 Admin Bundle
SQL Server 7.0 Data Warehousing Bundle
SQL Server 7.0 Implementation Bundle
SQL: Intro
Tuning Oracle8 Database Performance
Using SQL 7.0 OLAP Services
VB 6.0 Database Basics
VB 6.0 Database Connectivity
VB 6.0 Database Programming Bundle
VB 6.0: Implementing Database Applications

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