HP Deskjet printing poblems (Win95)

I have Windows  95 program coded with Delphi 3, that does some printing and it works with all printers
except HP Deskjet. With HP Deskjet it seems like when I call printer AbortDoc HP Deskjet takes it like
EndDoc and gives empty paper. I tried to solve this by copying lpt.vxd to windows\system-
directory but it did not affected. Well another thing is that printing with HP Deskjet is really slow it
uses hard drive very much, I have also tried to solve this problem using HP`s  own helps (www) but no
affect. HP Deskjet printers give also error messages that device is used by another application when
only my application tries to print. I think that there are some driver settings that maybe solve this
kind of problems, but because I dont have (yet) HP Deskjet these problems are hard to solve.
As I said this application works fine with all other printers, and problem is also Windows 95 related,
because 16 bit Delphi 1-compiled program works fine also with HP Deskjet printers.

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