Am Using ODBC, but don't want to. Help!

I have written a program which opens a STANDARD Paradox Database setup
by me
in the Database Desktop + DB Explorer.  I didn't know this till a user
who didn't seem
to have a good ODBC ran the program, but my program loads ODBC32.DLL and
ODBCINT.DLL somehow.  I have traced it and it happens as soon as I set
one of my two paradox tables to active state.  I am just guessing that
this has to do with the way the BDE is setup??  Can this be avoided?  Do
I need to send all of the DLL's (ODBC too) that the program calls with
my program?  I found a little utility called DSX which tells me the
DLL's the program calls, sure was surprised at the number of them I saw.

If you have any clues or have had even a similar situation please email
me,  I am really about at a loss here.  Any help would be great.  Send
email to where the nospam is replaced by 'newmex'.
Thanks in advance.

Scott Cooper