Using MS Access 2.0 db's via ODBC from Delphi v1.0 with transactions

Hello all:

I have a wierd question regarding using transactions in Delphi connected to MS
Access databases via ODBC..
I have:
        Access 2.0
        Delphi 1.0 C/S
        Microsoft ODBC Desktop  Driver Pack 2.0, Version: 2.00.2317,
                Date: 11/18/94, Size: 246,928

I can connect from delphi to Access databases just fine, reading, updating
running queries is NO problem.. the problem occurs when I try to run
transactions.. I get 'General SQL Error'... I have tried ALL the settings for
SQL Passthruogh mode in Borlands BDE configuration, and also all the settings
in the actual database object.. NO luck.. I called Microsoft, and they told me
that I have the latest ODBC drivers.. (they are from MS subscription CD's)

Some more general info:
        I need transactions in order to be able to rollback all the changes
made to the database if an error occurs... neither Paradox, dBase, nor Fox Pro
support that!  I know Access does, because I have worked with Access for
around 2 years now.  
I am however, open to suggestions if anyone can recommend a good _desktop_
database to run under Delphi that support transactions and multiple memo
fields per table.. (I had problems with getting creating more than 1 memo
field in BTrieve tables)..

Thank you for your help,
                        Igor Papirov