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TMemoField Bug? missing first 2 chars

Has any one experienced this?

When using a TMemoField on an ODBC data source (Sql Sybase
Anywhere Local database server and Oracle 7.2 TCP/IP to HPUX
machine) from delphi developer, the first two
characters of the varchar(2000) fields are dropped off.  This is
connecting via a TTable object.  If I put a unique index on the
primary key the problem goes away.  The index does not help when I
access the field in a join from a TQuery object.
Where can I get a bug list?

To Reproduce:

Create a table in an ODBC datasource (SSA or oracle).  

Create table test_table
pid integer,
the_problem_col varchar(2000)

insert values.
Using Delphi developer and the SSA Odbc or OpenLink lite oracle
drivers setup a TTABLE object.
Create a form with a TDBMemo field.  Observe that the first two chars
of each row in the varchar2000 columns are missing.  Add a UNIQUE index
on the
primary key.  The problem goes away (you may have to reload your

Now join the table with a second table using a TQuery.  The problem

Note that this behavior is also exhibited by the database explorer.  
at least in the case of the TTable (non-join) query.

I can recreate the bug and it has occured on more than one system and
with more than
one target database and ODBC driver.

Berk Ott


Re:TMemoField Bug? missing first 2 chars

This is solved in the Delphi 2.01 update.
We had the same problem with Delphi 2 C/S +ODBC + MS-SQlServer.
Get the update and it'll work.

Christer Fahlgren

Berk Ott wrote:

<description deleted>
> Berk Ott


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