$2F03 : Older version (see context) Second

Hello TeamB,John Petersson

Additional info:

The error

               $2F03 : Older version (see context)

only apears if i try to open a table second time on HP CD-Writer 7200!

First time i say "Create Table Test.db (Feld1 Smallint,Feld2
than i enter data imediately. Every thing is allright

But after closing db and opening the db again i get error as desc. above
as soon as i try to open
the test table.

All tests are made with the BDE - Explorer

if i do this with on a hard disk, there is no problem like this!
if i do this via LAN to the CD-Writer from an other PC it works also

I found that the versions of IDAPI32.dll, IDPDX32.dll ... only differ in
One PC has 04:00:00 (where it works) and the other has 05:00:00 (here
it's not working).
As far as i know, both PCs should have BDE 5.0
The most puzzeling is that its working on HD but not on CD-Writer!

What does that mean?

thanks in advance

I have seen already, there is nothin but the message, it does not hel