Either BOF or EOF is True

I have a Delphi Application that uses Ado and access 2000 database.
We have 2 developers that currently work on the application.
There are about 40 users of this application on Windows2000.

Recently we decided to upgrade all of the PC's.
First the users all got new pc's with Windows2000 and everything went
very smoothly.
The the 2 developers got windows2000 and office2000 and the same build
that the users received.  After we got the PC's, I loaded Delphi 5 and
the patches on the development machines.
I can compile and run the application in delphi many times and
everything is fine.
But I get the message Either BOF or EOF is True, or the current record
has been deleted when I try and run the application outside of delphi.

So I am assuming that delphi must have downgraded somekind of ADO
piece when it was installed and then when the Delphi patch was ran, it
fixed that piece only in delphi.

Can anyone help me to figure out what needs to be upgraded on the

Thanks in advance.