Importing ActiveX controls question

I Imported an ActiveX control that was created in Visual Basic.
The purpose of the control is to add a record in a Microsoft Access database.

There is 3 properties of the control that can be set

The driving method of the control is called Insert.
I made a simple form that allows the user to input the above fields and then
presses a button that calls the Insert method.

While running the program in the IDE, an access violation at 0 X 0 read of
address xxxxxx occurs.  If I run the program by stepping, I go through an
Insert and
GetControlInterface function.  I also step through a CreateControl
procedure.  But, when I come back to the exit out step (end) of the
Insert function, the program hangs.

Up front the control format appears to be acceptable to Delphi.  I had no
problem whatsoever bringing your control into Delphi.  I had no problem
setting the fields in the control for SSN, LastName, and FirstName.  I had no
problem calling the controls insert method.  I can see the controls properties
from within the Delphi Object Inspector after I add it to a form.

I don't know how to explain this any better than this.  Anybody have any ideas
as to what my problem is?


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