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XP home won't refresh

I have a client with 2 machines XP home on both. Running a C builder 3 app
over BDE 4.51 with a paradox back-end

When information is entered on the server machine the workstation can't see
it until our software is exited. In fact it doesn't even post to the raw
view of the paradox tables on the workstation until the server machine exits
the software.  All information entered at the server is seen at the server
immediately and appears posted in the raw view of the paradox tables.

When information is posted on the workstation both see it immediately.

The C:\ drive of the server is shared, and the workstation is mapped to it.
Both machines have write behind caching disabled.

What's happening? Why is this error only one way?  Thanks in advance for any

Esther Mann


Re:XP home won't refresh

Make sure that the BDE on every PC is configured exactly as described

Bill (TeamB)
(TeamB cannot respond to questions received via email)

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