ESOTERIC Problem: TMenuItem created dynamically, OnClick event does not work...

I'Ve got a really Esoteric problem,
I have a function i a Dll that returns me an already created TMenuItem

In the main application, i call that function and add the resulting
TMenuItem (with his submenus) in my main menu.

Here is the structure before adding the TMenuItem given by the DLL

File | Plugin

Here is the menu structure once added;

File | Plugin | Plugin 1 | Menuitem 1
File | Plugin | Plugin 1 | ...
File | Plugin | Plugin 1 | Menuitem 6

When i click with the mouse on the menuitem 1 or menuitem 2, nothing
happens, so the event does not seem to be called, BUT if i click on the 4
others, everythings work PERFECTLY.

What's esoteric, is if i call explicitly by CODE, each OnClick procedure of
the 6 Menu items, EVERYTHING is Working!!!

Worst: If in my code, i move item 6 and 5 to be the first ones and compile
my dll, now 1 and 2 works but not 5 and 6.  It seems to be always the first
to TMenuItem that does not work!

If you ever experienced this problem, PLEASE REPLY TO ME AND TO THIS

I really need to have some answers...

Jonathan (remove "NoSpam_" )