ftADT or ftArray help please

Hi all,

Can anyone kindly point me in the direction of a sample or two on how to
implement ADTs or Arrays using D5 and IB5.5. The demos and help are
unpleasantly quiet on the subject, Google and Tamarack don't have very
much and there doesn't seem to be much else out there.

I can create the array at the DB end, not a problem. But what next? A
UDF to get it in and out of Delphi? Yes, I've read chapter 9 of the IB
Programmer's Guide. And how about ADTs? That would be the way to go for
what I want to do but how to define them and then get them into a DB and
back out into a grid of some sort? *Someone* must use the damn things
*somewhere*. IB can't just have included them to increase its bloatware
rating. But then they don't seem to have put a real lot about them in
the help.

Any pointers *very* gratefully received.


Ian Jennings
Microware Data Services Limited

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