SQL Server 7.0, SQL Links TIMEOUTS

SQL Server 7.0, SQL Links TIMEOUTS

There are a couple of issues raised by FAQ4560.

First, it has been my experience (and that of others I've read on
newsgroups) that setting the TIMEOUT value for SQL Server 7.0 for the
SQL Server driver does not eliminate timeouts for long-running queries.
Either TIMEOUT doesn't work, or there's more to the story. Also, if this
is a solution, then why does FAQ4560 introduce the topic of the
Asychronous mode and how to turn it on?

Second, it has been observed by some that setting the DRIVER FLAGS to
2048 eliminates the TIMEOUT problem and this seems to be the case in our
testing. However, setting this value in general creates performance
problems so severe as to make interactive applications unusable. Since
this is a DRIVER setting rather than an ALIAS setting, any acceptible
change must be done in program code (you can't expect end users to
reconfigure the BDE every time a long query is needed) and as far as I
can tell, a method for setting DRIVER FLAGS in program code is not

As for us, we're twisting in the wind.