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Newbie question: can't access string functions

Gang --

I suspect this one is going to be pitifully easy for most of the folks in
this group, but I'm just starting with Delphi and it's got me stumped.

When I try to use any of the string functions (StrNew, StrToInt) Delphi
complains that I have an undeclared identifier.  It doesn't recognize any
of these words.  I suspect I need a "uses" clause, but I have no idea
what.  I've tried "uses Strings" but it complained it couldn't find

Am I missing something?  Any hints would be mightily appreciated.  Thanks!


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Re:Newbie question: can't access string functions

Place the (keyboard, not mouse) cursor at the word IntToStr in the source.
Press F1 to get help. You should see that IntToStr is in the unit SysUtils.
Then use this unit in your unit(s) :

uses SysUtils;

You should use it in the implementation part if you can, in the interface
part if you must.

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