TOleContainer and MS Access OleObject Field not cooperating.

Good Afternoon!

I have a small issue where I have inherited an MS Access database that
contains several oleObjects. Note that I cannot 'do away' with the
Access database, or change it's format, due to the fact that the client
application is still in use and is not going to be replaced any time
soon.  So I am writing a helper application using Delphi, and I need to
be able to extract these oleObjects to files.

No Problem, I thought.  Grab a TBlobStream from the Access database
table and load that into the TOleContainer, then call SaveAsDocument.
All done.

Not quite.  I get two different errors, depending upon how I set the
OldStreamFormat property.  Set it to TRUE and I get an EOleSysError
stating '%1 already exists', set it to FALSE and I get 'Invalid stream

Anybody got any ideas or solutions?


Chuck Platt