AutoIncrement Fields in Delphi 3

On Wed, 21 Jan 1998 08:55:20 -0400, "Ivan I. Sears" <>

>I have a project that uses AutoIncrement fields.  This project was
>developed so far in Delphi 2.  I now wish to move to Delphi 3.  I copied
>the source files and started Delphi 3 and just tried to run my project.
>It ran but when I tried to add and post a record to a table that has an
>AutoIncrement field I get a Database error that tells me my
>Auto-Increment field must have a value.  I thought the purpose of an
>AutoIncrement field was to be filled in automatically and I wouldn't
>have to lookt after it.  This does work in Delphi 2 by the way.  Could
>someone please tell me whats wrong.  Thanks in advance.

Autoinc fields are generally defined as NOT NULL. Delphi (version 3
only?) reads this info from the database definition and sets your
TField's Required property to true. Just switch this to false and you
should have no problem.

Julian van Tubbergh