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"older version (see context)"

Hi All,

I have been given some Paradox database tables to convert.  This is
the second time I have done this but the first time I have encounterd
the problem.

There are probably 20 tables to look at and I can get to them fine
throught Jet using the old Paradox 7.x Extended Properties parameter.
Howver when I try to open SOME of the tables throught the BDE I get
the above error "older version (see context)".  Like I say I haven't
encounterd this problem before and nothing on my machine has changed
so I can only think that something in those tables has.

I'm sure that my BDE is as up to date as possible (5.2), and I can't
find anyone else who's the exact same problem so I'm a bit stumped.

Has anyone got any ideas?




Re:"older version (see context)"

Never mind.  I hate BDE anyway so I wrote a query analyser type prog
to do what I wanted.  Lateral thinking eh?


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