Office 97-style Menu's question

Following some newsgroup articles I have implemented Delphi4/Orrifice97
style menus and have made them behave properly (thanks to the Grouped

However, I have a question that is not the normal "how do I make Office 97
style menus?".  How do I stop users from dragging a menu (or any toolbar)
off and then closing it (I don't want my users losing the menu).  Also, how
do I reshow the toolbar if someone does close it (e.g. can I just set the
visible property to true).  I can probably work out the last bit, but
thought I
would ask in case there are any pitfalls to be aware of.

I notice Orrifice 97 doesn't have a close button on its Menu when it is
dragged off...can this be done easily in Delphi 4?


Andy Jeffries