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A Real Hard 'Case' !

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:Can any Pascal guru pls explain what I am doing wrong in the attached
:program - {*word*99}s01.pas

Sorry, no, since you attached a binary which will removed by the
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Re:A Real Hard 'Case' !

ajc wrote:

> Can any Pascal guru pls explain what I am doing wrong in the attached
> program - {*word*99}s01.pas

> The problem appears on the last Case Statement about 8 lines
> from the end - I keep getting 'Cannot evaluate Expression'

> But I cannot see what I am doing wrong.

> This is an assignment to design a *simple* text based {*word*99}s dice game :)

> If anyone can help or if anyone has written a similar piece of code
> I would be very grateful to hear from you

> andy
> a...@{*word*269}.net

>                    Name: {*word*99}s01.pas
>     Part 1.2       Type: unspecified type (application/octet-stream)
>                Encoding: x-uuencode

First - questions are a lot easier to answer if you only include the
code you are having trouble with and include it in you post - not as an

- Show quoted text -

>   Case Dice_Total_Value of

>            7,11 : Win;
>            2,3,12 : Lose;
>            4,5,6,8,9,10 : Play_Again;

>     Else

>         If Gameflag >1 {ie DICE THROWN AGAIN} Then

>        Case Dice_total_Value of

>            7 : Lose;
>            PlayersPoint : If Dice_total_Value = Playerspoint Then Win;
>            Dice_Total_Value <> 7 OR Playerspoint : Play_Again;
>            ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>       End;

You are trying to evaluate a Boolean expression ( if A<>B or C). This is
something that the CASE statement can not handle. Maybe this will work-

                       7 : Lose;
            PlayersPoint : If Dice_total_Value = Playerspoint
                             Then Win
                             else if (Dice_Total_Value <> 7) OR                                Playerspoint
then Play_Again;

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