Paradox 5 and Y2K

In article <> (KKukich) writes:
>Heard a {*word*193} rumor the other day that Pdox 5 was not Y2K compliant.
>Anyone else know anything?
>We're trying to print a report to file and attach it as an e-mail message
>and it's not working, so we're talking about other options, including
>upgrading to Pdox 8 or moving to Access.  Any ideas?

It's a {*word*193} rumor, Christine.  Just tell that Microsoft salesman to...  ;-)

Why don't you just try it, Christine?  Type in the value "2/2/2026" in a date
field and miracle of miracles, it works just fine.

As with all database systems you can buy for the desktop or your
mainframe, Paradox can handle date fields in a couple hundred different
centuries, if you want it to.  The internal representation of a date or
date/time value is non-ambiguous as to century.

One thing that is and will continue to be an issue for us all is, what do you
do when the user types in a 2-digit year?  Paradox-5 will interpret the value
to be in the 20th century.  Paradox-7 and above provide an option, one of the
BDE Configuration parms, to allow you to set a threshhold below which a year
will be interpreted as 21st century.  However, if your user enters 4 digits
then this removes all doubt.

All programs should -display- date values using 4-digit years, and should
employ field-level value checks to ensure that dates outside of a reasonable
range are not entered.


Unfortunately, one of the things we just have to accept for a few years is
that any salesman off the street can come in and mutter "not Y2K compliant"
and send people into a tizzy while the salesman unobtrusively slips into his
sales pitch.  Be prepared.

If you are storing a date or date-time value in an appropriate field type in
Paradox, dBase, Access, or any other(!) desktop or client/server database you
can name, then you can be assured that the value as-stored will be unambiguous
with regard to date or century.