BDE 2501 Error will not go away

I hope this is not a duplicate post, as I got a timeout error attempting to
send a previous posting.

I  am running Windows NT Workstation 4.0 SP3 on a Compaq 4000, Delphi 3.02,
BDE 4.51 and I can't get rid of error 2501 messages.  I have searched the
newsgroups and read pub-88 on Borland's site.  After trying to change the
SHAREDMEMSIZE and SHAREDMEMLOCATION settings, I still cannot get rid of the

I can reproduce a 2501 consistently.  If I run our product, and then attempt
to run Delphi, Delphi will produce an Access Violation.  If I run Delphi
(with a new project) and then run our product, I get the 2501.  If I attempt
to debug our product, as soon as I hit the line that sets the TDatabase
Connected := True, I get the 2501 error.  At design time, I can however set
Connected to True without a problem.  BTW, our product runs just fine
independantly of Delphi and has for 6 months.  Only more recently have I
been unable to work on it (same machine as I have now).

Any help would be appreciated.