Oracle CLOB or BLOB UPDATE in cached Update mode

Hi all,

It seem to be impossible to insert or update blob or clob fields from
delphi5 (no matter which bde).  I saw a proposed solution from Ramesh
Theivendran for inserting blobs or clobs but I don't see any solution for
update the fields...

The solution for inserting is to replace the SQL command
'insert into ATable (AnId,ABlob) values (:AnId,ABlob)'
'insert into ATable (AnId,ABlob) values (:AnId,EmptyBlob()) returning
ABlob into :ABlob'

My problem is that I need to make updates on a record...  So if anybody
has an idee how to make an update...

The problem is probably coming from the VCL because I made a test with
Delphi 4 and exactly the same Table, BDE,... and it works perfectly.  In
top of that the sequences on the both sql monitors (Delphi 4 and Delphi
5) are exactly the same until the failure in Delphi 5.

Has anyone correct the VCL or had some new from Borland about that?

If you have any advice, they're welcome...



PS: I saw items concerning this problem from Eric Grange and Ramsh
Theivendran but those items aren't available online anymore.