TP 7.0 vs 7.01

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> I have seen some people referring to TP 7.01. What is the difference
> between 7.0 and 7.01, and where is it possible to get a patch for
> upgrading to TP 7.01?

Get a copy of BP7BUGS2.ZIP for the remaining bugs...

  Inflating: BOR-BUGS/BP7BUGS2/700.LST  <to console>

700.LST - A list of bugs in the original October 1992 of BP 7.00 that
have been fixed in the March 1993 maintenance release BP 7.01.
See the main bug list (BP7BUGSx.LST) for all the warnings about the
limitations of this list.

Please let me know if any of the bugs I've listed here as fixed still
show up in your programs!

Duncan Murdoch
3.  A window that has neither the wfGrow now wfMove flags set does not
disable the cmResize command when it is active.  (A fix is available:
see TWindow.fix in BP7BUGSn.ZIP).

26. There are certain illegal Extended encodings that crash the de{*word*81}
in TURBO and BP.

29. On a 386, a longint shift of 16 bits or more is unreliable. (A fix
is available in NEWSHR.FIX.)

32. The DisposeNode procedure in the Outline unit neglects to dispose of
the Text string. (A fix is available in OUTLINE.FIX.)

33. Overflow checking $Q+ sometimes misses overflows in operations on

34. The file dialog in STDDLG.PAS messes up directory changes.  (A fix
is available in FILEDIAL.FIX.)

37. The expression "Word(hi(wordvar))" doesn't zero-extend the high byte
of wordvar to give a word, it gives the word from memory starting at the
location of the high byte of wordvar, i.e. the high byte plus the low
byte of the next variable.  The same sort of thing happens with
expressions like "Longint(ord(charvar))" and

38. With the extended syntax $X+, asciiz character arrays that are
fields in records passed as const parameters aren't handled properly by
Writeln.  (This bug report clearly needs some work! Can anyone tell me
exactly what triggers this one?)

43. Typed constants that are local to assembler routines can't be
watched in the IDEs or TD without explicitly giving the routine name as
a prefix, e.g. MyAsmRoutine.MyConst.

44. In protected mode, if you have any BGI drivers registered with
RegisterBGIDriver then you must register them again if you call
CloseGraph and want to call InitGraph again.

46. Longint constants given in decimal in BASM statements like "DD
666777" are truncated to 16 bits.  (Express it in hex, and things are

49.  If a TMemStream Init runs out of memory, then disposing of the
object won't free up all the memory.

53.  In $N- mode, Val and Read will declare an error in a real number
containing more than 41 digits.  In $N+ mode, Read will ignore any
digits after the first 64.

As for a patch from 7.00 to 7.01, there isn't one.


Robert AH Prins

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