Datatype Error Message with MS SQL 2000 and Delphi 6

We have been using Delphi 6 with MS SQL 7.0 (via BDE).  Everything has been
working fine.  We recently started migrating databases from SQL 7.0 to SQL
2000 and during this process we ran across some interesting error messages.
Basically, any database table that has fields defined as Numeric or Decimal
in SQL 2000 comes back with an invalid data type message if looking at the
tables through SQL Explorer.  A field defined as Float however is not a
problem.  Has anybody else seen this?

I'm trying to determine the steps necessary to resolve the problem: do I
need to install MS SQL 2000 SP1, upgrade to Delphi 7, drop using BDE for
dbExpress (work perfer not to do this right now if it can wait awhile),what
... ?

Thanks in advance for any helpful information.