Problem facing with Insert statement in ADO Query

Hi ,
  I have an insert statement where i will be passing text for a memo field.
When there are double quote (")  characters in the text and when the text
exceeds 255 characters when i execute an insert statement with AdoQuery i am
getting error
'The application has improperly defined a Parameter object'.

My insert looks something like this

Insert into mytable (itemno,sell_desc) values ('45545','The WD Caviar 3.5"
hard drive provides the performance, quality and reliability required by
today''s storage-intensive desktop, workstation, multimedia, and Internet
The 10.1 GB gives you a blazing 5,400 rpm rotational speed and 11.5ms access
time. WD Hard Drive Kits provide you with everything you''ll need to get
your new drive up and running: hard drive, mounting hardware, cable and
detailed instructions, installation hardware designed to work with Windowsr
32-bit disk access, Windows 95, Windows 3.1, Windows NTr and OS2r Warp,
helping you partition and ')
If i use parameters it is working fine...
Can anyone find what is wrong with this insert statement.