using a visual ocx-control non-visually


I need to use an OCX-Control, that communicates with devices on a
serial port. Unfortunately the control is not a non-visual one. It
contains only a completely useless label that displays some messages.

Using this Control the standard way (dropping on a form,...) works
perfectly. The problem is, that I need to create this control
When I do it like this...

MyControl = TOCXControl.Create(nil);
MyControl.Visible := False;

...each time the label within this control changes, causes the
complete desktop to refresh. The only way to prevent this, is to set
the Parent or ParentWindow property of the control to an existing

So far so good, but now I want to use the control in a NT service and
there I don't have any window that can be parent of the control.

I tried to overwrite nearly every virtual or dynamic methode of the
control to catch what ever is causing the repaint of the whole
desktop, but without any success.

Does anyone have an idea for a workaround to this problem?