Interbase - Setting table active - field not found

In article <> (Bill Graham) writes:
>I had to change part of a principal key from DISTRICTNO (an
>integer) to DISTRICT (a fixed-length string). When I try to
>make the table active, I get
>        Error
>        tblParcels: Field 'DISTRICTNO' not found
>I re-generated fields via the Fields Editor for ALL the
>datasets. I changed all references to DISTRICTNO to DISTRICT
>(including its data type), throughout the program. I even
>grepped (with a REAL grep -- all files in the directory) for
>districtno, ignoring case.That expression is nowhere in my
>Have a query on same table. It's just fine. ALL other tables
>and queries in database are fine (and active).
>I've run out of ideas. Got any? If so, thanks.

Look for a control on some form that refers to DISTRICTNO.  If a form sees its
dataset go active, it will send a state-change notification to all of its
data-aware components (for that datasource), and if any of them can't find
their field, they'll raise an exception.  That will stop the dataset from
becoming active, even at design time.