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Sometimes can't post table edits

Working with Delphi 1.02 Client/Server and Oracle 7.0, I have a
program that has two tables in a master-detail relationship.
Sometimes I get an error message when trying to edit a field in the
detail table using a DBEdit control saying Cannot Post Changes -
Another User Has Changed This Record.  I am the only one connected to
the database at the time.  Does anyone have a clue as to what might be
happenning here?  I have seen the same thing happen using filters in
Paradox 5.0.  Possible bug in the BDE or SQL-Links maybe.  Thanks in

Tony Hamm
Computer Systems Engineer - NC Dept of Transportation


Re:Sometimes can't post table edits


This will happen if you have th wrong language driver in you BDE. Check
CONIFG.ORA for the language that ORACLE uses and set the BDE to the same.
You can almost always use the ASCII driver.

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