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Path problems in D5 with D4 projects


I have Delphi 5 Enterprise and really like what I see so far.  A few quirks including the following are really frustrating however.


If I open projects completed in D4 they load but during compilation and linking I get errors about D5 not being
able to locate common files like "forms.pas, messages.pas" and the like.  If I modify the search path in the Project|Options I get farther but inevitably end up with an error pertaining to a file.  The path returned almost
always is"  F:\Program Files\Borland\Delphi5\projects\bpl" I believe.

Somehow the search path for the older D4 projects is screwed up and I am not certain where to look. I've checked the .dsk, .dof files to no avail.  The path settings for the Project|Options as well as those in Environment|Options appear
identical at the outset to brand new D5 projects.  The curious thing is that the new D5 projects do not suffer from this problem.

I've looked through the docs, on-line help nothing.





Re:Path problems in D5 with D4 projects

Im Artikel <83bau4$>,
(Brian Mead - Sun Ottawa SE) schreibt:

>The path returned almost
>always is"  F:\Program Files\Borland\Delphi5\projects\bpl" I believe.

Perhaps D5 has a different location where bpl files are stored? In D4 these
usually reside in the bin directory, whereas D5 seems to look into the projects
directory, according to your example.


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