Printer Settings - QR3.03 & Delphi 4.02

QR3.303, Delphi 4.02, NT 4.0 W/S, NT 4.0 server, SP3
Hi, hope someone can help...
I have a tqrCompositeReport which needs to be printed duplex on a
networked HP 8000 DN through code (rather than through interactively
setting it with a qrPrinterSetup).  Although there is no problem
printing to the network printer through assignments to the properties of
the QRPrinter object(s), I can't find a way to make duplex := true

I've tried it both from the form that owns the TqrCompositeReport, prior
to calling the Print method and individually in the included reports, in
their OnBeforePrint methods.  It is also set True in the properties of
all the objects.

Is there anything else I can try?  Thanks in advance,

ProjectJedi := TDelphiAPI.Create(DelphiCommunity);