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HELP BDE-error 10249 (LockTimeOut) ?

Please help me,

What is BDE-error 10249 (LockTimeOut) ? en more important
How to corrrect this problem!!!!

Thank's in advance..


Re:HELP BDE-error 10249 (LockTimeOut) ?

>What is BDE-error 10249 (LockTimeOut) ? en more important
>How to corrrect this problem!!!!

each time a lock is placed or removed from the Pdoxuser.lck there needs to be an
exclusive file lock place on the .lck file.  this lock prevents any other user
from recording a lock. As soon as the lock record is placed the exclusive file
lock is removed.  when a BDE session can not gain this exclusive file lock after
a period of time you get the lockTime out error.
Generally this indicates you have a network problem or you are trying to access
files over a too slow Wan connection.

Brian Bushay (TeamB)

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