TechTips: Database (suddenly) running like a sloth?

Sometimes a database, or even an entire network, can "suddenly" start
running like a sloth in cement.  The trouble is to figure out what is
causing it, and what to do about it.  Here are three suggestions:

Virus-checkers like to scan files.  They LIKE to scan.  They L*O*V*E to
SCAN!  And they generate -huge- amounts of network traffic doing it,
especially if one (just one!) workstation is out there which is set to
"scan every file on open."  Unlike other applications, Paradox or dBase
will open hundreds of files, and will open-and-close them frequently.  A
virus-scanner can completely bury your network under those conditions.

All the wires in your LAN go to a "box" which is either a hub or a
router.  It's got blinking lights that show when activity is going to or
from a particular port, as well as one that shows that the computer on
the other end of that wire is turned on.  Make sure none of the lights
are blinking frantically when that computer isn't doing much.  Also
notice if the "Collision" light is lighting up at all.  Although you
really can't diagnose a network problem through a study of blinking
lights, network and cabling problems are a common source of database
performance problems.  Network-diagnostic companies in your area can
help you find and fix problems you didn't even know you had.

Paradox doesn't offer a query-analyzer (that I know about) that will
tell you how a particular query will be run.  But some queries are
expensive and slight changes to a query can make it much more expensive.
But these changes are usually seen only by the user who is requesting
the query to be run ... they alone notice that the operation is taking
much longer than before.

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