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OLE Excel Language problems

Hi, can anybody help me?

After creating an Excel OLE object I get an exception explaining "unknown
language" whenever I refer the object's functions or properties. This
happens no matter what I specify as the Excel classname. But it works
perfect when using Word-functions and the object is MS-Word

var OLEObj : Variant;
    OLEObj := CreateOleObject('Excel.Application.5');
    OLEObj .Workbooks.Add;               //(<  ERROR: 'Unkown Language')

I use the Delphi c/s 3.0 and Microsoft Excel 95 (English)


Re:OLE Excel Language problems

hi triggie,

you can solve your problem just by using excel97 and one library called

EXCEL_TLB ( transaltes your commands).

It worked fine by me.

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