Multiple fields in one data-aware component?

Hello, all!

I have a question concerning building data-aware components in Delphi
3.0 Pro. The component I'm working on uses one data source, but needs
the user to specify several fields within that source. The component
displays information combined from those fields, formatted for special
presentation (a couple text fields, a keyword-color field, et cetera).

If I declare my own TFieldDataLink objects, in the object inspector I
get the plain old string property editor for any that aren't named

Is there a way to get the same behavior for several properties in the
same data-aware component? Can I re-register Delphi's built-in
property 0editor to handle several named properties within this one
component only? I know about the RegisterPropertyEditor() procedure,
but I don't know what the correct editor is to use. Is it accessible
to me?

I don't need to have anything fancy, like having the various drop-down
lists mutually exclusive or anything of that kind. Just having a list
of field names that matches the component's DataSource would be fine.

Thanks for any help!
J Meeks