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Trouble Adding Columns to Paradox DB Table

I need to add some columns to existing tables in Paradox databases running on remote sites. To accomplish this, I wrote a small Delphi application that logs into the database at each site and performs an "alter table " command to add the columns.  In my testing, it appears to work just fine.  From Database Explorer, I can see that the new columns exist in the tables.  However, when I run a different Delphi application to try to populate the new columns with data using a TTable , I get an EDatabaseError with the message "Field Not Found".  I'm stumped and would appreciate any suggestions.  Thanks

Re:Trouble Adding Columns to Paradox DB Table

Did you instantiate field objects at design time for the TTable or
TQuery? If so you have to add the field object for the new field in
the Fields Editor.

Bill (TeamB)
(TeamB cannot respond to questions received via email)

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