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How can I play a QuickTime File ...?

How can I play a QuickTime  File ...?

Re:How can I play a QuickTime File ...?

alejandro urbano wrote:

> How can I play a QuickTime  File ...?

The obvious question is Through Delphi or in General.
On the General side download QuickTime Player 4.0 from .
On the Delphi side if you have the right MCI drivers on your or your
clients machine you can just use the Media Player ( this is by far the
simplest method ). If you are talking about components, I have not heard
of any ( but would be interested in some if anyone has the time to write
them ). I recently found out that the Delphi Jedi team ( ) had someone converting the QuickTime 3.0
SDK over to Delphi last year and are about to update it to the QuickTime
4.0 SDK soon. You can download the QT 3.0 conversion from a russian site
which has an example of a the QuickTime SDI application written in
Delphi it's URL is... or as a diect download link from... And if you create some components
from them, let me know.

Hope this helps.


Dominique Louis
Delphi Developer and aspiring Delphi Game Developer when wife and son
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