Windows 2000 Restricted user and D4/D5/D6 Automation Object - HELP

I'm working on this project where the software is to run with users
being of the "Restricted user" types and I get an error message when
trying to run an exe-file that is an Automation Object unless the
exe-file has previously been run by the administrator which installed
the program.

I would very much like to avoid having the Administrator being required
to run the installed program so I'm hoping someone knows a work around -
I imagine the installation program could perhaps write some info into
the system registry or similar. Any thoughts?

I tried compiling my project in Delphi 4, 5 and 6 without any succes
although the error message reported when trying to run the program as an
restricted user does vary:

Compiled with Delphi 4 the message is:
 Application error

Excaption EOleError in module VCL40.BPL at........
Error creating system registry entry.

and with Delphi 5 the message is:
launch.exe has generated errors and will be close by Windows.
You will need to restart the program.

An error log is being created.

in Delphi 6 it's something similar but I don't have the exact words at

Any input will be recived with great thanks.

Kind regards

Bruno Br?sted, Denmark