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TDatabase parameters don't override!

I have a TDatabase that points to an ODBC alias. In the parameters overrides
section of the component I put
DATABASE NAME=C:\<new subdirectory>\<new database>.MDB
but it doesn't actually "override". It continues to use whatever dtabase
file is specified in the alias. How am I supposed to override? What am I
doing wrong?


Re:TDatabase parameters don't override!

If you want to use a path instead of an alias you must:

1) Set the AliasName property to null.
2) Set the DriverName property to the driver you want.
3) Add a paramert that looks like:


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Re:TDatabase parameters don't override!

I can't merely set the path in the parameters and leave AliasName null and
put in a DriverName, because I'm using ODBC. I've tried that, but the
database won't connect at all unless I also specify the parameter ODBC DSN=,
which points to a DSN created in the Windows ODBC administrator, and which
already has a path specified. The parameter override does not override the
DSN's path.

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