BUG? ReportSmith 2.5

I have Delphi C/S 2.01. This relates to the 16 bit version
in this package.

I have a couple of problems with ReportSmith 2.5.

1. When using direct SQL entry mode to be able to myself
   formulate the entire SQL question, I have no problem to
   run and test the report BUT when I try to save,
   it ends in a GPF every time.

2. When I have constructed a report with a report variable
   containing more than a single value, ie
   "select ... where <<RPT_VAR>>", the report functions
   as intended when run from in ReportSmith BUT from
   my Delphi application (using initialvalues method)
   ReportSmith runtime starts but nothing happens.
   We have validated that everything is correct from the
   Delphi point of view.


Mikael Olofsson
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