D2 and Paradox 7 : TQuery vs TTable and speed

If I drop a TTable (set to access a local Paradox 7 table) and a TQuery
(sql= Select * from sameTable) on a form, when I open the TTable the
data is obtained very quickly(seems instant). When I open the TQuery,
the data is obtained very slowly (slow being approx 3/4 sec). (This may
seem fast, put when I regularly do 5 or more queries at once, the time
lag is too long)

When the TTable is opened, my hard drive light flickers once, when the
Tquery is opened my hard drive light flashes several times. Both the
above events occur if there are records in the table or no records in
the table.  The same behaviour occurs if the items are connected to a
TDataSet, or if TFields are created at design time.  The same behavior
occurs if the resultset is read only or live. The same behavior occurs
if a Paradox 5 table is accessed.  The same behavior occurs if
cacheupdates is set true or false.

Question:  Is this normal?  Or does this occur on your system?

This behavior did not occur in Delphi 1.  While TTable access was faster
than TQuery access, the difference was not so evident.

The computer being used is a pentium 133 with 32 meg ram, so it is not a
memory or cpu problem.

I have the 16 and 32 bit BDE installed on the same machine.  Are there
problems when doing this?