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Cannot access package information for package "

I am trying to install a component for which I have all the source code.
After running the Install Component dialog and letting it build, I get
the error message as described in the subject line. I've no idea why
this is happening. I've been able to install the same component on other
machines with no problems.

Anyone know what's going on here?

David Jameson


David Jameson
Computer Music Center
IBM Research Division

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Re:Cannot access package information for package "

I have more information on this problem but I still don't understand
WHY it's happening.
The exception 'Cannot access package...' is being raised
in SysUtils.Pas by a function called GetPackageInfo.

GetPackageInfo is calling a function called PackageInfoTable which is
trying to find a resource called 'PACKAGEINFO'
   FindResource(Module, 'PACKAGEINFO', RT_RCDATA)

which it then tries to load. If it doesn't find it (or it does
find it but can't load it) then the function fails and the
exception is generated.

The question is: what would cause this resource to be not found?

This problem is preventing me from installing any components on the
palette. Any suggestions would be really appreciated.

David Jameson

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