Delphi 1.0 Brush Style Problems

I am developing a graphics application and have run into a snag.  I am
using Delphi 1.0 to develop this and of course make heavy use of the
Brush Style property for fill effects.  However when I try to run it
under Windows 95 the Brush Style will revert to bsSolid for any Brush
Color other than clBlack and clWhite.  The Delphi 1.0 sample graphics
program "GRAPHEX.DPR" seems to exhibit the same behavior.  The Delphi
2.0 example application of the same name works fine even though the
code "looks" identical.

Question: What can be done about this so that the 16 bit application
will run under Windows 95 -or- am I hosed and need to distribute a 16
and 32 bit version?

Jay Foster