Can't create Double/Float fields with Batch Move

Using D4 to access Access 2000 tables via plain ODBC.

I have the following SQL in a batch move, trying to create a new table with these two fields.

"Select myKey, 1.234 as myFloat from Master"

But the constant 1.234 is being converted to an integer field by Access 2000 or ODBC or BatchMove,
and the target table ends up with an Integer type for this column.

Same thing happens if I select a Double field from Master.  Somewhere along the line the Double gets
converted to an integer.  And an integer field, rather then a Double gets built in the target table.

My only workaround to to s{*word*99} batCopy, and use batAppend with pre-built target tables.  This works
in some cases, but the app lets users pick and choose fields, and will not work everywhere.

This code has worked for years when I was using the Borland High Speed driver to get to Access.
But they no longer support it for Access 2000, so I have to convert everything to pure ODBC.
And now I have a mountain of broken code, and several hundred unhappy customers.

any help would be appreciated.  Thanks in advance.

john santora


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