ADV: ChimneySweep = Paradox table-repair taken to its fullest extent

In 1996, after driving 110 miles in 110-degree heat "fixing Paradox
tables," the idea for ChimneySweep? popped into Yours Truly's head.

I assumed, I thought "natcherly," that I could simply buy it.

I was surprised to learn that it didn't exist.  So I wrote it.

The rest is history.

In one simple package, ChimneySweep provides all that you could want in
Paradox table repair and maintenance ... designed and built by someone
who felt the problem keenly:

        *  The problems of TUTIL32 / TUTILITY / Paradox Table Repair ...
                ... are gone for good.

        *  It's as easy as a few double-clicks, if you want it to be.

        *  Any number of tables can be processed at one time in any

        *  It's up to 100 times faster than TUTIL32 .. no joke.

        *  It's completely programmable and script-driven (Pro Edition).

        *  Over 100 pages of detailed tech documents (Pro Edition).

        *  OCX control, Delphi component, DLL, detailed source-code

        *  And most of all, "Click Click! It's Fixed!"?

Sure, there are lots of "free" components and tools out there that are
"just TUTIL32 in a fancy new wrapper," but ... <yawn> ... they're just
"TUTIL32 in a fancy new wrapper."  ChimneySweep is different.
ChimneySweep leaves TUTIL32 -- forever -- in the dust.

Someone who faced the very same problems you do, and was being clobbered
by them just as you are ... tackled the problem head-on and SOLVED IT.  

Needless to say, Corel recommends us constantly . . .

So, find out what over 3,000 customers at over 200 companies in over 20
countries have already discovered:  ChimneySweep!

"ChimneySweep" tm. reg. US. Pat. and Tm. office
Sundial Services :: Scottsdale, AZ (USA) :: (480) 946-8259  (PGP public key available.)

> Fast(!), automatic table-repair with two clicks of the mouse!
> ChimneySweep(R):  "Click click, it's fixed!" {tm}