Help me find a good book about datastructures, algoritms, object orientation using Delphi

I would like to find a good book that covers the topic of datastructures,
algoritms, object orientation using the Delphi language (preferably Delphi 5
but not extremely nessary to be the latest version of Delphi). The book
should have exercises in the end of every chapter and preferably suggestions
for solutions to these exercises.

To me it seems very hard to find books on Delphi that are like this, i.e.
more of a "study literature for a course" than reference books. These issues
above is general programming tasks that you could get an understanding of
using any object oriented programming language but since I need to get
skillful in Delphi I want to use that language and environment to learn
these issues.

An example of a book that meets these criteria but in Java is

"Data Structures and Problem Solving Using Java" by Mark Allen Weiss

Does anyone know of a similar book but in Delphi?

Please help me to find a good book / books on this.



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