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Help! MSDOS 5.3 - troll alert

so ralphi boy squint has a sock puppet - how cute
good name there red drooler

Red Rooster wrote:
> On Tue, 17 Sep 2002 22:47:30 GMT, blooven <> wrote:

> >I'd love to hear more about the IBM PC 5150 you got that had hard disk
> >drives - what brand disk controller did it have??
> ok, because you have problems reading, i spell it very slowly, so you
> can easier understand it: C O R V U S

ralphi - anyone can get the name corvus off a google search - how about
tell me what disk drive controller was in the PC? or didn't it have one?

you might also want to check the date that corvus drives made it to
europe - I think you'd be a bit surprised.



ralphi boy - that is the second time you plonked me within 7 minutes
- are you having trouble negotiating the plonk??- why do I think
a gestapo boy like you couldn't be without seeing what I say and your
plonk is meaningless - you plonked me with your sock puppet - when you
gonna plonk me with your ralphi name you hoser?

Re:Help! MSDOS 5.3 - troll alert


How is this related to this particular newsgroup?



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