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Indy Installation in Delphi 6

Am having difficulty with installation of Indy in D6. Tried both versions 8
and 9.

First off, if a third party uses Indy v. 8 to develop a component, can I use
that component with v. 9?

The errors are as follows:

On opening D6, I'm told that the procedure entry point @... could not be
located in the dll indy60.bpl

This is followed by "Can't load package (delphi path)\webHttp_d6.bpl. The
specified procedure could not be found".

I then tried to open the packages in D6, and the above two messages are
repeated. Click OK and Yes, and the package opens. I click "Install" and an
error comes: Fatal error: File Not Found: IdAntiFreeze.dcu". I changed my
search path but that had no effect. Moreover, when repeating the above, I
find that the search path has not been retained, and must be entered again.

Any help appreciated.

Please respond with cc to my e-mail address, if not



Re:Indy Installation in Delphi 6

Intall Indy 9.x

0. Run Delphi 6 Update Pack 1 (for Delphi 6 Enterprise, D6_upd1_ent.exe)
0. Uninstall the builtin Indy from the delphi6 installationprogram.
   In Control panel|Add/remove programs|Borland Delphi 6|Change, go to
Program\indy and unmark.
   (see Remove builtin Indy-komponents from Delphi6 in

1. Source-Code Install - Indy9_00_02_Src.EXE (895 KB)
2. Delphi 6 Install - Indy9_00_02_D6.EXE (2.05 MB)
3. WinHelp Format - (2.7M) (To Delphi6\Help)

4. Start Delphi6, answer no on question to load dclindy60.bpl next time.

In future you only need to do 1, 2, 3.


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