Help getting Interbase to work on a web server (D2 Dev/Win NT 3.51/IIS 3.0)

I'm trying to set up an application which uses LIBS as the data back-end
(which runs just fine as a stand-alone app) for a CGI application to be
executed on the Web Server.

The application and the database, BDE, and aliases are all set up on the
server and work just fine with the stand-alone app.  When I try to turn my
app into a CGI to do the exact same function, I get a variety of problems
revolving around not finding the database.  My BDE alias is just fine, and
I'm trying to connect to Interbase using the TDatabase component.

Since the executable and LIBS are residing on the same machine, I don't
*think* Interbase is the problem.  I've set every directory for read
permissions, with the exception of the Scripts folder, which has execute

Is there some sort of BDE configuration setting I'm missing?

All I want is to have my app look at its DB on the same machine, and return
values to client's browser!  Not complicated at all.

I can't pull the data out of Interbase, we've got way too much invested in
it to switch now.

Ideas?  Suggestions?  A Quick Fix?


Best Regards,

David Montgomery