Delphi IDE crash TTable

I have two problems associated with Access97 and TTable.. please help!

Problem 1.

The first problem is a fatal access Violation error when i exit my application
after doing nothing but open a form and load a datamodule. The full message is
as follows...

"access violation at 0x4be43b7d: read of address 0x388b5708
 83 3A 00 74 63 E8 AD 68 FF FF 64 8B"

This error is in an information window.

OK, so i may be able to beleve it is due to a dodgy Access database but iv'e
tried rebuilding and the same thing happens.
if anybody can shed light on to this error than i would be extemely grateful.

so on with problem 2.

So iv'e just recieved this access violation so i think lets try and find out
why by playing around with a few tables. Unfortunatly Delphi, or Access
decide that i am not allowed to set TTable.Active to true or false in object
inspector without the Delphi IDE crashing claiming the following:

"DELPHI32 caused an invalid page fault in
 module KERNEL32.DLL at 0137:bff857e7.
 EAX=c0019cac CS=0137 EIP=bff857e7 EFLGS=00010206
 EBX=0098f8dc SS=013f ESP=0088ff9c EBP=0089000c
 ECX=8159ca58 DS=013f ESI=0089024c FS=3707
 EDX=388b5708 ES=013f EDI=4be53f44 GS=0000
 Bytes at CS:EIP:
 53 56 89 4d f8 57 8b 41 40 8b 75 08 89 45 ec 83
 Stack dump:"

At this point i had better explain that i have 'cachedupdates = true'. If i
set cached updates to false before closing the database then it succeeds.

The REALLY annoying part is that even in a new application with just a single
TTable given a whole new database  something continues to lock me out by
displaying the same message. Only persistant messing aroung with aliases and
the BDE get me out of this routine. Until, of course, i re-run my origional
application wihch causes the origional crash and we start all over again.

Does Delphi or Acccess leave behind some horrible files after my origional
crash which are causing this problem? iv'e tried deleting those incredibly
annoying PDOXUsrs files which are used for cached updates but it doesn't
help. Can anyone shed any more light on my problem? Can anyone suggest any

Before you ask i'm running Delphi3, BDE v5 and iv'e tried reinstalling Delphi
and Access.

Cheers in advance

Jess Panni  -

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